Not found: “war”. How Google and Yandex answer popular questions from Russians about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

Google and Yandex form the information picture of the world of their users in different ways. How exactly “Important Stories” was sorted out with the support of the Boris Nemtsov Summer School of Journalism.

“When asked why Russia started the war, Google responds with a Wikipedia article condemning the invasion, a Radio Liberty debrief, a column in Important Stories, and a four-month summary of the war on the BBC. Toward the end of the issue, the article “How it came to a big war” on the Russian-language website Deutsche Welle and the news from Meduza that Putin did not think about the consequences of sanctions. In the block with the video, the Ukrainian channel, politician Ilya Yashin and blogger Maxim Katz answer the question about the goals of the war.

When asked about the causes of the war, Yandex issues a warning: “Some materials on the Internet may contain inaccurate information. Please pay attention”. This warning appears after every request related to the war in Ukraine.” The full text of the study is available on the website of the publication at the link: