Podcast «War to 20»

Anastasia and Miroslava (Kyiv, Ukraine) alumnas’22 released the first episode of the War Before 20 podcast on Apple Podcasts.

This is a collection of podcasts, where again they talk about the war from a different angle. When you are a child, adults are responsible for you, when you are an adult, you already have some experience and a financial cushion. A teenager is in a transitional period, between childhood and brutal adulthood. Therefore, we want to show how teenagers cope with unfamiliar terrible circumstances and “growing up quickly” in the current circumstances of the war.

Pasha is the first hero of our uncomplicated podcast. He faced war twice – at 11 and at 19 years old. Since February 2022, he has been forced to make adult decisions and help his family get out of Kramatorsk, a front-line city in the Donetsk region. How did he deal with difficulties? How to get out of the shelled territories on your own? How an ordinary teenager can cope with war – answers in the first episode of the podcast.