Memory square meter…

On October 30, 2022, on the Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Political Repressions, Marina Mitaleva launched an online project dedicated to the memorial “To teachers and students of Astrybvtuz – victims of political repressions” on the territory of Astrakhan State Technical University (ASTU). The project was supported by the Nemtsov Summer School of Journalism.

Marina Mitaleva:

«For five years of my student life, I walked near the memorial, thinking about who these people were and what happened to them. I made a website for everyone to know the secret of the black cracked cube.

Read the names. Look at the faces. Let’s saved the memory.

On the site you will find pages with the names of the repressed and what is known about their fate. Somewhere a biography with a photo remained of a person, but more often only a few sentences about passing sentences from books of memory.

In addition to the pages of the repressed employees and students of Astrybvtuza, you will find articles from newspapers about the memorial and historical essays, as well as an interview with the former rector Yuri Kagakov, who erected the monument.

Work on the site will be carried out as long as there is hope for any new information».

Project website: