Who can apply for the participation in the program?
Our target group consists of journalists, bloggers, media and civil society activists and researchers from Russia, CIS countries, Europe and the USA. We give priority to applicants with no more than 3 years of experience in journalism or related fields. Although work experience is not required. We have two mandatory requirements: the candidate must have a media project and must be fluent in Russian, because the classes will be held in Russian.

What information should be included in the biography?
A biography is a free presentation of information about yourself, your professional activities and professional interests. We also ask you to indicate your skills: video shooting, video editing, creating websites and multimedia projects on specialized platforms, working in social networks. We will not evaluate your technical training. This information will help us create a program that will be most useful for the group.

How do I write a Concept note?
Concept note is a brief description of the media project that the candidate wants to implement following the results of their summer school studies. We ask all applicants to formulate the topic of this project as accurately as possible, explain its relevance, tell us about the format of submission of the material, and draw up a preliminary work plan. It is important for the project to be realistic, should not require additional expenses, and its author is ready to implement it before the end of the year.

Can I count on professional support and publication of my material?
The school program includes special seminars with the participation of professional journalists, during which participants present and discuss their projects. Depending on the topic and genre of the project, the school will select a curator for you to consult. The school can help with publishing the best materials on partner media platforms. You can find published materials for 2018 here.

How do I get a visa to the Czech Republic?
The Boris Nemtsov Foundation helps participants to apply for a visa to stay in the Czech Republic for three weeks of Summer school. If the candidate already has a valid visa to one of the countries of the Schengen area, then a separate one is not needed.

Do I need to take money with me on my trip?
The school covers all transportation costs from your city of residence to Prague and back, provides meals, monthly passes for all types of public transport in Prague, and health insurance. Accommodation is provided by the faculty of philosophy of Charles University.

You will bear the rest of the expenses yourself.

What is the training schedule?
Classes start on July, 15 and last until August, 2. Lectures and seminars are held on weekdays (there may be exceptions due to the schedules of our lecturers). We expect that participants of the summer school will attend all classes provided by the program. You can plan your days off as you like.

Is there Internet in the classroom?
Lectures and seminars are held in the main building of the faculty of philosophy of Charles University. There is an access to the Internet in the classroom.

Can I suggest a team media project?
Our program is individual in nature, so we do not consider applications from the team. You should be able to implement your project on your own, but there are no restrictions on involving other people in the process of working on a media project.

Can I offer multiple projects at the same time?
You can offer several alternative project ideas, but it is desirable that their number does not exceed 2.